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  • Big Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 10
    Now That Windows 7 Has Gone End of Life, Find Out What You Can Expect From Windows 10 There are many differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10, some big and some small. Now that Windows 7 has gone end-of-life, meaning that it will no longer receive updates or support from Microsoft, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of these differences, to inform those not in the know and to encourage those that have not yet said goodbye to Windows 7 that the change will not be as painful as one might thing. 1. Cortana […]
  • What Is Virtualization?
    Today’s world is moving digital. In order to keep up, it is vital to take advantage of virtualization. But, what is virtualization? Virtualization is simply the practice of running virtual operating systems (guests) inside a single physical computer (host).  In other words, from within the host, you can create and use many different guest operating systems.  Their functions and operations are kept separate from physical resources and applications through sandboxing. What is Virtualization Used For? Virtualization is generally used to reduce hardware dependence and to streamline system administration.  Instead of purchasing and maintaining a piece of hardware for every operating system […]
  • What Are Servers?
    Server installation services begin with choosing scalable and reliable hardware that addresses both present and future business goals.
  • What Is A Service Level Agreement?
    Service Level Agreements control all guarantees regarding response and resolution times, up-time, hours, availability, approved communication channels, call-out fees, and much more.
  • What Is IT Remote Monitoring?
    Small issues left unnoticed can turn into big problems, but remote monitoring can catch the small things before they get out of hand. This means less downtime, more productivity and a better overall technical experience. What Does Remote Monitoring Do? Remote monitoring keeps track of all the important system information a computer generates and transfers that data back to a central management console.  Once there, the data can be interpreted and action can be taken. Data is transmitted by a software agent installed on your device.  The agent periodically checks in with the database to update the condition of each […]
  • 8 Keys to Great Technical Support
    When it comes to help desk services, there’s nothing worse than bad help and a long wait. Your support team should be committed to providing excellent customer service.  That way, you can keep your business productive and you happy.  Look for these 8 keys to great technical support when you are comparing providers. Convenient and easy to use Help Desk services form the cornerstone of IT customer service. Aim to employ the most talented and compassionate help desk professionals around. A key to great technical support is realizing that not all clients’ needs are the same. Avoid vendors that read from […]
  • What Is Preventive IT Maintenance?
    The combination of remote monitoring, automated maintenance and alerts is the cornerstone of preventive maintenance. But just what is preventive IT maintenance? Imagine all your IT patching, maintenance and monitoring responsibilities in a centrally managed, automated system.  That is the essence of preventive maintenance. What Does Preventive IT Maintenance Do? Preventive maintenance systems constantly monitor your systems for the slightest indication of an issue. Then they correct the problem before disaster strikes. The result is a more reliable and predictable environment, and an increase in up-time and productivity. You’ll also experience a reduction in headaches. Who Uses Preventive IT Maintenance? […]
  • What is a NAS?
    Network-Attached Storage can be Convenient for Home and Business What is a NAS?  NAS stands for Networked-Attached Storage.  This is a networked device used for storing and serving files on a computer network.  NAS devices can be connected to a network, providing storage space for files, folders and other data.  They allow for easy file sharing and function much in the same way as traditional file servers. What Does a NAS Do? Network-attached storage is a device that connects to your computer network, providing you with data storage space.  NAS devices work in much the same way as traditional file […]
  • 8 Tips For Remembering Passwords
    Remembering Passwords is a Pain Managing passwords has become such a pain it’s almost like having a second full-time job.  Once you are finally comfortable with your work computer password, you’re forced to change it.  You submit password change requests so you can log onto and immediately forget the new password.  Worse, the password change email never makes it to your inbox.  How frustrating this can feeling! Password authentication is not going away any time soon, so what are we to do?  Following these 8 tips for remembering passwords should make things a lot easier. Write Them Down (but […]
  • What Is Software Defined Storage?
    What is software-defined storage (SDS)?  Software-defined storage is a computer application that allows for the easy management of data storage in virtualized environments.  Unlike more traditional data storage options, software-defined storage is independent of physical hardware.  Therefore, it provides many advantages over traditional storage solutions. Traditional storage, such as network attached storage (NAS) or storage area networks (SAN), are bulky and expensive physical devices.  With traditional options, the software is bound to the hardware.  The physical hardware of these storage options will be subject to ongoing maintenance and regular replacement costs.  Further, adding additional storage capacity will require identical hardware. […]
  • What is a Hypervisor?
    What is a hypervisor?  The hypervisor is the foundation upon which virtualization runs.  It’s a computer system that allows virtual machines to run on physical machines.  It allows for the creation, management and use of guest machines inside the host operating system.  The guest machines share the resources of the host hardware for compute, power, bandwidth and storage. What Is a Hypervisor Used For? The hypervisor allows for the installation and management of virtual machines on a physical host machine.  Virtual machines allow for the installation of many different operating systems, all serving different purposes, on the same physical hardware.  […]
  • Can You Still Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free?
    When Windows 10 was first released back in July of 2015, it was available at no charge for one year.  As long as you had a valid Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 license, you could upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  The promotion ran from the OS’s release until July 29, 2016.  So I guess, since it is February of 2019, that you can’t get it for free anymore.  Right? Wrong! Is Windows 10 Still Free? The answer is yes!  As of this writing, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  The free upgrade promotion might have ended […]
  • 6 Advantages of File Servers
    6 Key Advantages of Using File Servers These days, investing in IT is a very smart and effective strategy for small and big businesses. One of the most beneficial IT investments, especially for new businesses, is a file server. A file server is simply a computer on your network that serves as a location for your company’s data.  Often, the server will contain folders for each department with sub-folders that fit the specific need of that department.  For instance, there may be an Information Technology folder on your file server, with sub-folders for software, policy, inventory and other IT related […]
  • Hyper-Convergence Basics
    Introduction The purpose of this article is to discuss Hyper-Convergence basics.  Hyper-convergence is generally defined as an IT framework that consists of a combination of computing, storage, and networking. Hyper-convergence was first used in 2012 by Arun Taneja, an analyst for the Taneja Group. This framework is intended to reduce the complexity of multiple systems, hence, converging all the essential parts in one single framework. Greatly increased scalability is also an added feature of a converged setup. Defined as Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), this framework is a virtual representation of the hardware components found in most data centers. Components of a Hyper-Converged […]
  • What is the Real Risk of Data Breach for Your Business?
    Importance of IT Security In Your Workplace The topic of cyber security has become an ever-present issue in boardrooms across the world. Risk of data breach is a real and tangible concern to all organizations, regardless of the sector or the size. All businesses today rely upon critical business data, such as customer data, financials and pricing, and advanced analytics. Since data is now so important, IT security has become a key pillar in creating a successful business. More than ever, keeping your data secure requires more and more attention. Unfortunately, too many businesses are not set up to succeed […]
  • How to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7 & Windows 10
    Have you ever been looking for a file or folder on your Windows computer and, for the life of you, you just can’t find it? This is a common occurrence, because Windows hides many critical files and folders by default. Microsoft takes these steps to protect users from themselves, preventing the uninitiated and uninformed from deleting vital system files and bricking their machine.  The good news is it’s easy to configure Windows to show hidden files and folders in both Widows 7 and Windows 10. Showing Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 10 Open File Explorer Click the ‘View’ tab […]
  • What is IT Outsourcing?
    Outsourcing Managed IT Services Enhances Productivity In today’s ever-changing technological environment, knowing exactly what IT resources should be utilized and how to best implement those resources can be daunting. Most large organizations will have an IT department within the company who focuses solely on these questions, but this type of focus is not always available to companies for a variety of reasons. These situations are where IT outsourcing comes in. What exactly is IT outsourcing? IT outsourcing refers to the use of external service providers for a business’s IT needs. By outsourcing services, organizations are able to ensure that their […]
  • Top 5 Benefits of Virtualization Technology For Your Business
    Incorporate Virtualization Technology Into Your Business In the past decade, an increasing number of businesses have been implementing virtualization strategies. Most large businesses have adopted virtualization, but smaller businesses are now starting to catch on to the trend. Small and medium businesses generally have more limited IT budgets. Still, secure, fast, and reliable IT infrastructure is critical to business operations. Defining Virtualization Put simply, virtualization technology is the process of running multiple ‘virtual machines’ on a single physical machine. These virtual machines can be servers, desktops, applications or other IT processes. In this way, these virtual machines are able to […]
  • Switching IT Providers Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle
    Switching IT Providers Can Be Easy In today’s business environment, IT operations need to be efficient and effective.  This has lead many companies to outsource these services to professionals. However, ensuring these outsourced IT providers deliver becomes an important concern. Businesses should regularly perform audits to make sure all their needs are being met. Additionally they should ensure the services provided are the most cost-effective and secure as possible. If you realize your current IT provider is not meeting your business needs, switching IT providers doesn’t have to be a hassle. Such a decision can seeming daunting, and the organization […]
  • How to Separate First and Last Names in Excel and Apple Numbers
    I Need First and Last Names in Different Cells! Often times, you may find yourself with a list of full names in a Numbers Or Excel spreadsheet (ex: “Jane Doe”). If you want to sort this list alphabetically, you’ll need to separate the names into first and last name columns. Unfortunately, there is no first name and last name function to help with this. Here’s a step-by-step how-to explaining how to separate first and last names in Excel and Apple Numbers. The Original full name is in the cell ‘B2’ Create a new column called ‘First Name’, and enter the […]
  • How to Create Local User Accounts in Windows 10
    The vast majority of Windows users never make secondary accounts on their PCs and use their primary administrative account for everything.
  • How to Disable Windows 10 Facial Recognition and Biometric Login
    Disabling Windows 10 Facial Recognition and Biometric Login
  • How To Remove McAfee ePolicy
    The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to document the correct and approved method for uninstalling McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Agent and software from Windows computers.
  • Scheduling a Reboot With Powershell
    Scheduling a Reboot With Powershell Purpose: The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to document the correct and approved method for scheduling a reboot with PowerShell on Windows 8/8.1/10 and Windows Sever 2012, 2012 r2. Navigate to Start Menu > Programs > Administrative Tools Next, Click on Task Scheduler In the Task Scheduler window, click Create Task In the create task window on the general tab, do the following Name: Reboot Location: Leave Blank Description (Optional): Enter text that describes the scheduled task Check Run Whether User is Logged in or Not Select the correct Operating System configuration Click […]
  • Stuck Checking for Updates on Windows 7
    When Will These Updates Finally Install? Purpose:  The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to document the correct and approved method for fixing Windows Update on Windows 7 64Bit Service Pack 1. Symptom: Windows 7 64Bit Service Pack 1 gets stuck and/or takes an exceedingly long time checking for Windows Updates. Windows Update can take days to complete or not complete at all. There have been wide variations in effectiveness in the measures described below from system to system. In tests, we have observed several different possible solutions to this issue. Presented below is the most successful method, followed […]
  • The Power of the Reboot
    How To Fix Over Half Of Your Computer Problems Yourself – Reboot Does This Sound Familiar? You’ve been working diligently.  You’re in the zone.  Suddenly, your computer grinds to a halt and you are left with a non-responsive operating system.  Your mouse and keyboard are useless, and from your speakers erupts a funny, skipping sound where once music emerged.  The last thing you want to do is reboot. Frantically you call IT support in search of the quickest, easiest and most effective fix available.  And then they say it… “Have you rebooted your computer?” You’re not sure why, but you are […]
  • How to Set Windows Passwords to Never Expire
    Command Line syntax to set a user account password to never expire.
  • Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Office 365
    While almost everyone has heard of Office 365, there are still a surprisingly large number of people who don’t know what it is.  As software-as-a-service becomes more mainstream and employees become increasingly more decentralized, having email and Office applications available anywhere and anytime makes more sense than ever. What Is Office 365? Good question! It’s not very complicated. Office 365 is simply a fancy name products and services that you are already familiar with. First and foremost, Office 365 is the convenience of having your Microsoft Office applications available to you anywhere, anytime on almost any platform. Secondly, it is […]
  • Libraries and Technology: At the Forefront of Digital Life
    Haven’t Computers Replaced Libraries? Who Even Goes to Libraries Anymore? My name is Rachel Burt and I’m a Youth Services Librarian at the Sussex County Library in Sussex County New Jersey.  I know what you’re thinking (because people ask me this all the time).  “Wow, do people still use libraries?”  The answer, which you might not be expecting, is YES. What’s even more mind-boggling is the demographic that is making the most use of public libraries.  Millennials!  That’s right – the group of people accused of ruining everything from cable tv to marmalade are helping to keep libraries relevant.  A Pew […]
  • Differentiators Between Managed IT Consulting Firms
    Managed IT Services Become a Part of Your Business Choosing the Right MSP Is Critical One thing that makes IT Managed Services so sticky is that it’s a pain to switch vendors.  This is especially true if your MSP is also providing your cloud-based IT solutions; such as cloud backup, remote help-desk, hosted email and more.  Transferring those vital business functions to another provider is time consuming and disruptive to business continuity.  Therefore, is is imperative to make the right choice when selecting an outsourced IT partner.  Below are the key differentiators between managed IT consulting firms. IT Outsourcing Buys […]
  • Hosted Exchange Email for New Businesses
    Cloud-based Email Gets You Up and Running Quickly Efficient Communication Is Essential for New Businesses More so than ever, email is the most essential communication tool for you and your employees.  In most cases, an email solution needs to be in place previous to the launch of a new business.  This leaves business owners and entrepreneurs in a tricky situation where they need to invest in an email solution before generating revenue.  The solution to this problem: Hosted Exchange Email. In the past, corporate email required a sizable investment in hardware, software and labor.  For small businesses with less than […]
  • Beware of Unscrupulous Managed IT Service Providers
    IT is Too Important to be Taken Lightly The Knowledge Gap IT outsourcing is a common practice with business owners and CEOs.  Increasingly it has become less expensive to put your vital IT processes in the cloud and hire an outside IT firm to manage your systems and networks.  Usually, the knowledge gap between a company and its IT vendor can be substantial.  Stated quite simply, you know much less about IT than your MSP, so you are vulnerable to scams and charlatans.  Closing the knowledge gap is sometimes impossible due to the sheer amount of learning involved.  Complicating matters, […]
  • Technology Must-Haves for New Entrepreneurs
    The Basics of New Business IT If you are starting a business, you’re going to want to know about some technology must-haves for new entrepreneurs.  After all, you have enough to worry about, and there’s no time to waste on stuff that doesn’t work.  Creating an inexpensive, appropriate and scalable information technology plan before you get started can make a huge difference when starting a new business.  The information technology decisions you make (or don’t make) at the inception of your business could have serious and long-lasting repercussions.  Cost, administrative overhead, functionality and scalability are just some of the concerns […]
  • How to Get a Computer Virus
    You know what really gets our goat?  It’s the blissful disregard for IT security displayed by many business owners, IT managers and employees.  While it’s true that there is no such thing as an entirely secure computer or computer network, there are steps that can be taken to significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting a computer virus and losing all your data.  And guess what?  It starts with you! Your Own Worst Enemy Let’s get this straight from the get-go.  If you are calling an IT service after a breach, you are calling too late.  Don’t be your own worst […]
  • Windows 10 to be Free Upgrade
    Microsoft announced this week that it’s new, Windows 10, operating system will be a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.  There’s only one catch: it’s only free if you upgrade within the first year of release. So how to do you get your Windows 10 free upgrade? While the release date is still unknown, this poses an interesting question to business owners.  Should your business take advantage of the free upgrade period at the risk of incurring other unforeseen costs as a result?  Perhaps you should hold tight while some of the early bug are worked […]