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School Bus

SAN MATEO, CA – A California woman with different political views than her co-workers was pleased to learn this week that she would be able to keep her job, despite the fact that she posted a meme on the internet that the majority of her co-workers didn’t agree with.  Bus driver Colleen Burke, 47, posted the meme, which suggested that American political parties were different sides of the same coin, to her personal Facebook page on Wednesday after becoming frustrated with, what she called, “the unprofessionalism and back-biting of political discourse.”

“I usually don’t post about politics,” Ms. Burke said.  “But, lately I’ve just been so fed up.  Most of the people I work with have strong party affiliations, so of course, after I posted it I was worried how it would be construed.  Cancel culture is so rampant these days.”

Luckily for Ms. Burke, her co-workers barely noticed the meme, with most of them quickly scrolling to other things they were more interested in.  One of her peers, Gene Clement from nearby Burlingame, said, “Yeah, I saw the post.  Colleen doesn’t like to two-party system.  It’s got nothing to do with me.”

Ms. Burke doesn’t know if she will continue to post her political positions on public forums, but is certainly relieved to know that she can if she wants to without the fear of losing her job.

“I drive a school bus,” she said, “and the people I work with are kind and reasonable, even if we don’t always agree.”

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