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Other Half - Green City




Eye Appeal







  • Soft, pleasing mouthfeel
  • Mild bitterness
  • Beautiful, cloud soft gold color


  • Overly subtle
  • Not as exceptional as other OH offerings
  • A smidgen too dry
  • Brewery – Other Half – Brooklyn, NY
  • Style – New England IPA
  • ABV – 7%
  • Untapped Rating – 4.16
  • Beer Advocate Rating – 94

Appreciation must always be paid for those things in this artificial world that are well-made and authentic.  Every time we reach for something machine-made, prepackaged or artificial, we move ourselves father away from that which should ultimately always be appreciated.  Whether we’re talking about furniture, beer or anything else created by human beings, the most important thing is craft.  This is where Other Half Brewery never falters.  Their beers are well-made, and carry a nearly hidden, undefinable characteristic that connects all their offerings.  Some undercurrent, a faint watermark. Maybe it’s the house yeast, the water, the equipment or the vibes.

Green City is no exception to the rule. It’s an exceptionally crafted beer.  It is soft, elegantly subtle and gorgeous to behold. 

So why did I end up feeling cheated?  Well, within the undeniable craft, this oat IPA forgets to be bold.  The result is like to most talented band in the world playing a mediocre song.  It’s excellent, but could be so much more.  With a more assertive flavor and pungent aroma, Green City could be something very special, among the best beers I’ve had this year.

The color is a beautiful, deep whitish-gold, cloudy and thick.  It practically begged me to drink it.  The aroma, while muted (even after it warmed), is packed with fresh citrus fruit upfront and an undercurrent of nondescript flowers underneath.  The mouthfeel is soft and pleasing, with only the slightest bitterness to balance everything out. 

It’s a struggle, however, to find a single defining flavor within all the beauty.  Ruby red grapefruit is evident, but the effort required to to focus on the flavor kills the experience of tasting it.  Like looking at the most distant and dim stars, the flavor can’t be seen by looking directly at it.

Despite the subtle flavor, or maybe because of it, Green City is an exceptionally drinkable beer.  Without even a whiff of booze, this ABV 7% brew drinks like a much light beer; finishing soft, dry and easy.

We must appreciate the craft, the time, the care and the preparation that go into Other Half beers. It’s evident in Green City, just like it is all their beers.  Some breweries can only wish to create something as well-made as this, but by Other Half standards Green City is very good, but not great.  Purchase it without worry, but if you’re at their brewery, they often have better options.