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More Brewing Company - DDH Loose Candies




Eye Appeal







  • Smooth and Creamy Body
  • Well Balanced
  • Easy Drinking : ABV


  • A little lingering bitterness
  • Maybe a little sweet
  • One can nitpick anything of any quality
  • Brewery – More Brewing Company – Villa Park, IL
  • Style – Double IPA
  • ABV – 8.4%
  • Untappd Rating – 4.20 (8.40 adjusted)
  • Beer Advocate Rating – 94 (9.4 adjusted)

This is my favorite kind of confluence of beer happenings.  I see a beer with amazing, eye-catching can art.  Although the brewery is 781 miles away from my location, the eye-catching beer is available on Tavour.  I purchase said beer, and a couple weeks later its delivered to my house.  I taste the beer, and it is amazing; unique and transcendent, classic and modern.  Mostly, though, it’s delicious.

Such was my experience with DDH Loose Candies by More Brewing Company.  The beer, the can, the feeling that I somehow got something I wasn’t supposed to have all coalesced into the perfect beer drinking experience.  It helps that Loose Candies is juicy as all get-out, as hoppy as a bunny and softer than that same bunny if you were lucky enough to pet it (and it didn’t bite you, because let’s face it, bunnies are not great pets).

Loose Candies pours a cloudy orange with a formidable head. The aroma was a shot of melons, pineapple and mango; strong but not overpowering. The taste was tropical fruit and resinous hops, with barely a hint of bitterness. The smooth and creamy mouthfeel finished dry with a little bite. This dank brew proved extremely drinkable the whole way through, especially in comparison to the formidable alcohol content.

More makes great beer, always.  But, this is a step beyond towards something grander, approaching perfection, teetering on the brink of nirvana. 

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