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Icarus - Social Distancing




Eye Appeal







  • Deep Citrus Flavor
  • Mild bitterness
  • Juicy and dank


  • A little bit spicy
  • Poor head retention
  • Slightly under carbonated
  • Brewery – Icarus Brewing, Lakewood, NJ
  • In Collaboration with – Abomination Brewing
  • Style – Imperial American IPA
  • ABV – 8.2%
  • Untapped Rating – 4.23 (8.46 adjusted)
  • Beer Advocate Rating – 81 (8.1 adjusted)

There is a mushroom cloud on this can of beer.  Same color orange as the Imperial American IPA inside: Social Distancing, by Icarus brewing.  Part of a collaborative series with Abomination Brewing, Icarus Social Distancing is the right beer at the wrong time, for it’s not meant to be enjoyed six-feet apart, nor can one drink it with a mask on.  Perhaps that’s why the can displays a scene of apocalyptic dystopia, complete with a frightened skeleton who can’t bear to take his eyes off his phone as the world comes to an end.  So much like us, so much like right now, existing side-by-side horrible tragedy and overwhelming beauty.  There is part of me that feels like the skeleton on the can, afraid to look at the phone and afraid to look away.

Luckily, we have beer to keep us grounded, and even better, I never have to drive anywhere anymore, so I can have as much as I want.  Which, is a good thing when it comes to Social Distancing, because it will leave you wanting more.

The beer pours a dark orange, with no head to speak of.  It’s immediately evident that this beer is subtly carbonated, even before raising it to your lips.  The aroma is of citrus, grass, yeasty funk, displaying a bit of spiciness that tickles the nose.  Upon first taste I got a large dose of citrus, particularly tangerines and grapefruits.  After a couple more sips, other flavors became more noticeable, such as melon, grass and cloves.  Mildly sweet, and medium bodied, Social Distancing is a juicy treat that drinks much easier than its 8.2% ABV would suggest it would.

There are definitely some issues with the carbonation and head retention, but nothing that ruins the experience.  It’s just a little under carbonated for my taste, and the head ran away like a farmer would from the mushroom cloud on the can.  In the end, though, I wish I could drink social distancing with friends on a hot summer afternoon in the middle of a lake somewhere.  Instead, I stare out the window and drink it alone.  It takes something away from the experience, but that’s not Icarus’ fault.

Buy this beer without worry, and try to enjoy it with the people you love.