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What Is Hosted Exchange Email?


Hosted-exchange-banner-with-logoIncrease Business Productivity with Hosted Exchange Email

Today’s companies need to make sure that they have the best email solution.  It imperative that client and customer communication is never disturbed. There are huge numbers of companies that feel that the best way to guarantee the best email experience is to host and manage it in-house.  That is, through paying for costly software, hardware, and IT professionals to managed their onsite solution. But, there is a much better way- hosted exchange email, which is increasingly becoming a vital part of any new or existing business.

Hosted exchange email is a cloud-based service that provides all the functionality of a traditional Exchange Server, without the associated expense and administrative overheard. With Hosted Exchange, businesses do not need to purchase expensive servers or software. Your mail services run on cloud servers that are purchased, maintained and managed by a third-party.  Therefore, businesses only need to pay small monthly fee, usually based on the number of mail boxes required. Hosted Exchange is accessed via Internet, so it is always available anytime and anywhere for almost all devices.

Hosted Exchange Email: The Best Solution for the Needs of Every Business

Accessible Anywhere – With hosted exchange email, you can access your email from anywhere, at any time with most devices.

No Huge Startup Fees – Instead of buying costly hardware, software and licenses, with hosted exchange all you pay is a low monthly fee. In addition, there is no costly setup and configuration.  Setup is much quicker as compared to the onsite solutions. An onsite solution can take several weeks to several months to plan, procure, setup and configure.  Hosted Exchange can be set up in a couple hours, or less.

No Down Time – With an onsite Exchange server, if you hit a snag and your server goes down, you could be down for days.  As a result your clients will not be able to contact you through email. With hosted exchange email, there are backups upon backups. Further, hosted email providers build in multiple redundant servers, so if one goes down, another takes over.

No Onsite IT – With onsite servers, you will surely need an onsite technician.  That means a salary and benefits and someone to manage the technician.  With hosted solutions there are many fewer administrative and managerial tasks.  New mailboxes, distribution lists and troubleshooting is usually handled by your cloud-services partner.  Onsite IT is not required for successful implementation.

Features – With onsite mail solutions, there is always a need to weigh the benefits of critically needed functionality verses cost. For instance, maintaining a fully encrypted onsite server can pose some significant expenses and challenges as compared unencrypted servers. In some cases, businesses purchase more than what they need and end up paying for the features they do not use. In others, businesses buy from the bargain bin and end up without vital functionality and features.  In still other cases, the correct hardware, software and features are selected, but the organization lacks the technical know-how to implement the solution.  Hosted email exchange services allow you to provision a right-sized solution that will let you to add new features when you need them, without being an IT expert.

If you own a business, or are charged with managing IT for one, hosted exchange email services might be what you need. Hosted solutions will increase your productivity and at the same time save money. Moreover, it will also provide you with much better communication and with collaboration solutions. Given the ease of implementation and the low cost of operation, hosted exchange is now the email solution of choice for many large enterprise businesses.  What’s more, it is an effective solution for businesses of any size.