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What Are Servers?

Server installation services begin with choosing scalable and reliable hardware that addresses both present and future business goals.

Servers: Your Most Powerful Business Tool

What are servers? A server is any computer that provides centralized resources and functionality to client computers. The client/server relationship can be between local machines or over hte internet.  Each member of a computer network can be provided access to server resources to store files, run applications, access databases, log into websites and much more.  The server manages the access rights of the members of the network and also dedicates resources to whatever task the client computer requires.  For example, file servers provide centralized storage space for company files, systems data and more.

Who Uses Servers?

In this day and age, severs are standard equipment for most businesses, regardless of their size.  At a minimum, most businesses would benefit from centralized storage.  Whether accomplished through a Windows Server, or a NAS, both of these devices would be considered a server.

From there, the possible applications for server technology are endless.  Here are some of the practical uses for servers:

  • Authentication Server- Servers can be configured to control access and authentication through account and user management.
  • Data Storage Server- Many servers are provisioned to store, replicate, share and backup data.  Centralized data store can simplify collaboration and access management.
  • Web Server – Web servers enable the data access and transfer over the internet.  For those hosting their own websites, web servers allow that to happen.  Additionally, web servers can be used to host servers or databases for access over the web.
  • Application Servers – Application servers are configured to run and provide access to specific software that can be accessed over a network.  Application servers often function with a client/server relationship, where the the desktop clients access the server application for a client connection on their desktop.
  • Print/Fax Server – Servers can be used to manage print and fax services in your environment.  A print server can make all your printers easily available for installation.
  • Windows Sever – VanTech specializes in installing and configuring Windows Servers into new and existing business environments. Supporting Windows Server 2008 through present-day releases, VanTech will select the appropriate hardware and software to meet any business need, expertly configure it, and install it with a minimal interruption to the day-to-day operations of the business. Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, WSUS, DFS, Group Policy and related services are available.
  • File Server Installations – VanTech will design and create a file system that is intuitive, easy to navigate and extremely secure. Windows, Mac and Linux file server options are available, and VanTech manages everything, including: selection and procurement of hardware, file system architecture, security and permissions, share folder creation, drive mapping, data migration, administration, and backup.
  • Print Server Installations – For businesses with numerous, far flung printers that each accomplish different jobs, print server solutions from VanTech seamlessly connect client computers to printers across a network. Eliminating the need to select the correct drivers and software, print servers offer single-click installation of printers without a call to IT.
  • Email Servers – VanTech offers a wider variety of cloud-based and onsite email servers, including hosted and local exchange options. Whether selecting a local or cloud-based server, VanTech will ensure the free flow of information into and out of any organization, through uninterrupted, reliable email, configured to work seamlessly across all devices. With the addition of advanced email security options, VanTech simply offers the safest email systems available.