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What Is IT Remote Monitoring?


remote-monitoring-with-cloudsSmall issues left unnoticed can turn into big problems, but remote monitoring can catch the small things before they get out of hand. This means less downtime, more productivity and a better overall technical experience.

What Does Remote Monitoring Do?

Remote monitoring keeps track of all the important system information a computer generates and transfers that data back to a central management console.  Once there, the data can be interpreted and action can be taken.

Data is transmitted by a software agent installed on your device.  The agent periodically checks in with the database to update the condition of each machine in your system.  When an event occurs, say for instance a server is overheating, the agent will send an alert to the remote management systems.  Then the alert is sent to the help desk, and appropriate staff is alerted.

The alert features can be customized with different thresholds for each category.  For instance, an alert can be configured to open a help desk ticket and email the system administrator is the server CPU temperature is over 80 degrees.

Remote monitoring can also keep track of all your security patching.  It can even install your patches for you, on a regularly scheduled basis.  Patching usually includes your base operating system and many other applications.

How Does Remote Monitoring Relate to Preventive Maintenance?

As the agent monitors your system, many small issues can be fixed automatically.  This is called preventive maintenance.  It’s the idea of fixing the small things before they turn into big things. Quite simply, preventive maintenance couldn’t exist without the ability to monitor a computer and send the data to a remote location.  It is the foundation of the entire system.

Features of Remote Monitoring

  • System resource monitoring
  • Current user logs
  • Advanced network monitoring
  • Windows Updates management
  • S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
  • SQL Server alerts
  • Exchange Server error logging and notifications
  • Active Directory monitoring
  • Virtual server/machine logging and alerts

Who Uses Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring is used as a vital part of IT preventive maintenance.  Anyone introducing preventive maintenance into their environment will need a remote monitoring system in place.


Remote monitoring performs a vital role in IT maintenance.  Thankless chores that use to take humans a long time to do an OK job at can now be done to perfection by software.  As part of a preventive maintenance plan, is can result in reduced cost of operation and easier IT administration.