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The combination of remote monitoring, automated maintenance and alerts is the cornerstone of preventive maintenance. But just what is preventive IT maintenance?

Imagine all your IT patching, maintenance and monitoring responsibilities in a centrally managed, automated system.  That is the essence of preventive maintenance.

What Does Preventive IT Maintenance Do?

Preventive maintenance systems constantly monitor your systems for the slightest indication of an issue. Then they correct the problem before disaster strikes. The result is a more reliable and predictable environment, and an increase in up-time and productivity. You’ll also experience a reduction in headaches.

Who Uses Preventive IT Maintenance?

Businesses large and small can reap the benefits of preventive IT maintenance.  With the help of their managed IT service provider or IT department, preventive systems can be easily and inexpensively be installed with limited or no down time.  Products like AutoTask and ConnectWise  can easily be integrated in to most environments.  Any business looking to save on maintenance costs and reduce down time should consider preventive systems.

Pros of Preventive Maintenance Systems

  • Real-time 24/7 365 monitoring of all your systems
  • Coordinated alerts at the first sign of an issue
  • Periodic scheduled system health checks
  • Automated patch management to keep your systems secure
  • Scheduled optimizations to correct registry errors and maximize disk space
  • Regular diagnostic checks to ensure hardware integrity
  • Error log checks to correct configuration errors, software conflicts and OS bugs

Cons of Preventive Maintenance Systems

The major drawback to preventive systems is actually a result of one of its greatest strengths.  Fully automated systems work very efficiently.  These days computers are smarter and smarter.  However, nothing can replace a human.  Preventive systems can result in complacency and boredom among technical staff.  Suddenly there are no more chores.  This can lead to a set-it-and-forget-it approach, where the humans totally check out.  That’s never a good idea.


Regular automated maintenance and real-time corrective services in conjunction with each other offers the ultimate in preventive measures for your computer systems. The results are machines that last longer and run faster. Additionally, you’ll reduce worry and frustration. Preventive maintenance will help your business run at a level previously unheard of – without crashes, failures and data loss.

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