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AKRON, OH – Siting the wide variety of meatless food options and great company, avowed vegetarian Michael Rashton had a great time at his community BBQ last weekend.  Rashton, who hasn’t eaten meat in 27 years and who attributes his meat aversion to animal cruelty concerns, was reportedly surprised by how much he enjoyed himself.  “I had fun,” said Mr. Rashton while walking his dog the next day. 

“Mike threw some smart burgers in the cooler with his craft brews, but he didn’t even need them.  There was plenty of food he could eat, and everyone had dogs and IPAs, said Mr. Rashton’s wife, Patty, who noted that Mr. Rashton is sometimes afraid of being judged.  “With the right kind of people, it’s easier for him to relax.” 

“Besides the meat, it was pretty much exactly like vegetarian cook-outs,” Mr. Rashton said.  At press time, Mr. Rashton has plans to attend more events outside his comfort zone, and to invite more people to his occasions that might be out of theirs.

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