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How To Change Domain User Passwords in Active Directory

Password issues in Windows Domain environments are very common.  Often, precious time is wasted waiting for a password reset.  Since these problems are so ubiquitous, it can be very beneficial to have someone on staff that knows how to change domain user passwords in Active Directory.  So, next time someone’s password expires, instead of making a call to your service provider, take care of it yourself.

Using Active Directory Users and Computers to Change a Password via Remote Desktop

Step 1: Open Remote Desktop Connection Application

  • This can be opened by typing ‘Remote Desktop’ into the search bar, or by using a shortcut.

Step 2: Type in the computer name you wish to connect to: SERVER

Step 3: Press Connect


Note: If you are prompted to enter username and password and are unsure what credentials to use, please use the username and password that logs you into your computer.

Step 4: On the server desktop, open Active Directory Users and Computers by typing it into the search box

Step 5: In Active Directory Users and Computers, highlight USERS in the left panel


Step 6: Right Click the user in the right panel and select Reset Password


Step 7: Type in the new password once, and then again to confirm it


Step 8: Check or uncheck the “User must change password at next login” box, depending on your preference

Step 9: Check the “Unlock the user’s account” box, if needed

Step 10: Hit OK

Now that you know how to change domain user passwords with Active Directory, you can be a valuable asset.  This is especially useful when operating without an onsite IT staff to handle your issues.  Instead of losing half a morning waiting for a callback, change that domain password yourself and be the office hero.