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techdumpz is the final resting place for all these things I make, seemingly unconnected, random – the sort of things that occupy the minds of madmen and those others, distracted beyond hope. My life has had technology as a constant backdrop, but has also meandered into the deeply analogue. I’ve created things, tasted things, watched and read things, dipped my pinkie toe into some and dove headlong into others. Here are the results…techdumpz.

What’s On The Menu?

Craft Beer Reviews

Because there aren’t enough of these already, we’re serving up a bunch of reviews for our favorite beers.


Food is our strongest link to humanities self-demestication. One simply cannot be feral and make ice-cream simultaneously.

Music Free For All

Without music, none of the rest of this is worth it. Music will be a cornerstone of the techdumpz experience,.

Technology Help

How-tos, opinion pieces, equipment reviews, white papers…this is in our brains and must come out.

Political Debate

Every political voice has a slant, and we do too: Think, and try to be nice.


We understand that it’s hard for you, even if you don’t think like we do. We understand the pain of life, and instead of judging you, we’ll try to image what it must be like…